Projected Course Offerings

MA in global security, projected future course offerings:

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Spring 2019 schedule available September 17, 2018

Summer 2019 schedule available February 5, 2019

 GSC 598 courses are approved program electives. These courses are being offered for the first time as "GSC 598" and will likely be offered again.

Spring 2019

(A session)

GSC 501*

GSC 506

GSC 511

GSC 598: Intelligence Issues in Global Security

GSC 598: Overview of Cybersecurity

(B session) 

GSC 507

GSC 512

GSC 598:  Migration, Environment, and Global Security

GSC 598:  Human Rights and Armed Conflict

GSC 598:  Urbanization, Security and Conflict

GSC 550:  Capstone**

Fall semesters:

GSC 501:  War, Conflict and Security*

GSC 503:  Future of War

GSC 504:  Understanding Conflict and War

GSC 505:  Law of War

GSC 508:  Comparative Studies of Conflict

GSC 509:  Emerging Technologies and Global Security

GSC 550:  Capstone**

Spring semesters:

GSC 501:  War, Conflict and Security*

GSC 503:  Future of War

GSC 506:  U.S. Politics of Security

GSC 507:  Global Politics of Security

GSC 511:  Terrorism and Insurgency

GSC 512:  Global Trends

GSC 550:  Capstone**

Summer semesters:

GSC 502:  Security Studies

GSC 510:  Governance in Post-Conflict/Transitional Contexts

GSC 550:  Capstone**

Approved electives outside GSC program:

CRJ 553 (can be taken any session it is offered)

Enrollment recommendation is between 1-4 courses per semester.  (9 credits is considered full-time graduate enrollment).


GSC 501 *- Required course to be taken in the first semester

GSC 550 **-Required culminating experience course to be taken in the final semester